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Driving Without Car Air Filters (Everything You Need To Know)

Mar. 10, 2021


Driving Without Car Air Filters (Everything You Need To Know)

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There are many problems with car air filters:

Will removing the air filter increase horsepower?

Will removing the air filter make the car's sound louder?

I accidentally drove a few miles without the air filter, okay?

My car runs better without an air filter-why?

In this article, I will introduce car air filters in detail and answer all common questions. Whether you are an ordinary driver or a car enthusiast, don't leave. You will learn something.

To summarize briefly, you should not drive without a car's air filter. Dust, debris, insects and other air impurities can enter the car engine and cause problems-the best case is internal scratches, the worst case is engine failure.

What is the use of an air filter?

Before the detailed introduction, let us first understand the role of the air filter in the car. You see, in order to generate electricity and move, a car needs to mix oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber. In order to increase horsepower, both need more.

The fuel comes from the fuel tank, and the oxygen comes from the surrounding air (inhaled by the car's intake system). Depending on where you live, the surrounding air may be full of dust, debris and insects.

Before the air can reach the inside of the combustion chamber, these impurities in the air must first be filtered. This is the purpose of air filters-they are usually made of special paper or foam to trap impurities.

Can a car start without an air filter?

The car can also start well without an air filter-the initial power is provided by the car battery, and air can still be sucked in (without an air filter, the air flow will be better).

So if your car can't start, it's not because the air filter is missing. You may want to check the battery, spark plug or timing belt. How long can I drive without an air filter?

You should not drive without an air filter. It looks good and even runs better (more sensitive) because of the increased air flow. However, the long-term damage can be huge.

If you must drive short distances, it should be no problem. A few miles or so will not suck in so much dust that can cause serious consequences. I assume you are driving in a city with suitable roads, not off-road (if you are, better not to take risks!)

If you drive a long distance without an air filter, you will take a lot of risks.

In addition, sometimes when your mechanic removes the air filter, it stands still and hits the accelerator. You don't have to panic about this-if the car is stationary and not very dusty, it's okay.

Fun fact-when you go for a regular service, your mechanic may remove the air filter and clean your throttle body. So, there is nothing to worry about.


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