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Can I Drive With a Humid Air Filter?

Mar. 23, 2021


Can I Drive With a Humid Air Filter?

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If you are using a reusable air filter that needs to be cleaned, this is a valid question. The answer is yes, you can drive with a humid air filter, it will not cause engine damage, but it is still not recommended because a humid air filter will have more restrictions-reduce the performance of your car.

The moisture occupies the space of the air filter, otherwise it may be passed through by the air. This means less air enters the combustion chamber and the car generates less power.

To make matters worse, dust will stick to the humid air filter, forming an impenetrable layer to the incoming air. When this happens, you need to clean your air filter as soon as possible.

Other than that, you really don't need to worry. The moisture in the air cleaner will not leak into the engine and cause problems. Unless your air filter is soaked with water.

Will removing the air filter increase horsepower?

Removing the air filter will not increase horsepower. Even if it had, it would be trivial-most 1-2 horsepower. This is because simply modifying the air filter will not have a large enough impact on your car's air and exhaust flow to improve performance.

If you really want to increase horsepower, you need to replace various parts of the car. Like the intake system, exhaust pipe and downpipe (if you are running a turbine). Don't forget to drive your car over afterwards.

Most enthusiastic people will make these changes step by step. They start with a cold air inlet (or at least a conical air filter) and then enter the exhaust system in turn. So no, removing the air filter alone will not increase horsepower.

Will removing the air filter make the car sound louder?

No, removing the air filter from the car will not make the car louder. The air filter is located in an air box-this is designed by the manufacturer to eliminate as much intake sound as possible. Simply removing the air filter will not affect the sound.

In order to increase the sound of the air intake, you need to remove the air filter cover.

Driving without an air filter: pros and cons

Now that the details have been discussed, let us summarize the pros and cons.


Increase air circulation. The only benefit of removing the car's air filter is the increase in air flow. This should increase horsepower, but like I said, removing the air filter alone will not have enough impact to increase horsepower. Only a 1-2 horsepower improvement is expected.


Risk of engine failure. Without an air filter, debris, dust, and insects cannot prevent them from entering the interior of your car engine. This will cause internal scratches and tears on the inner wall of the piston. If the accumulated debris flows around the engine, the occurrence for a long time may even cause the engine to malfunction.

Risk of turbo failure. Turbo is an after-sales service component that compresses air and sends it directly into the combustion chamber to improve performance. Since air particles contain debris and dust, when the air is compressed at a high speed, it will cause the turbocharger to fail.

Will not improve performance. The only reason why you might be tempted to remove your car's air filter is to increase horsepower. How ironic is that doing so does not actually bring you a significant performance improvement, but at the risk of failure.


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